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RidgeMaster Plus 11″ Ridge Ventilation

RidgeMaster Plus
RidgeMaster Plus

Suitable for TapcoSlate Classic Ridge/Hip, this accessory is a dry-fix ridge ventilation system that fits underneath the ridge of our aforementioned system.

A patented added-pitch design reduces the visibility of the vent opening, letting the roof profile take centre stage.

The patented internal baffle keeps blowing snow and rain from entering, while an internal filter blocks out insects, leaves and other debris.

Designed for roof pitches from 14 to 45 degrees, the RidgeMaster Plus easily adapts to a peak vent or flash vent.

Nailing supports and structural ribs make the RidgeMaster Plus crushproof, to withstand falling tree branches and hammer blows, and it resists cracking.

Self-aligning, interlocking ends make it easy to install correctly. Built-in end caps adjust to the roof pitch while the ship-lap design allows for expansion and contraction as temperatures change.

Can be joined with HipMaster hip ventilation. 10,000mm²/m ventilation provision to comply with building regulations for both Warm and Cold roofs (above regulation minimum).

Sold in boxes of 10 units, each 4′ (1.2m) in length. 1 box covers 12 linear metres of ridge.

Ridgemaster Plus

Suitable for: TapcoSlate Classic Ridge/Hip Cap

To be used in conjunction with our TapcoSlate Classic Ridge/Hip Cap product.

Dimensions: 11” (279mm) RidgeMaster Plus: 4’ x 10-5/8” (1219mm x 270mm) bottom edge width x 1-3/8” (35mm) bottom edge to peak; 7/8“ (22mm) ventilation opening. Sold in boxes of 10 units. Colour: Black.

Please note, depending on lighting conditions, our roofing accessories will reflect varying levels of color intensity and so actual colors may vary from those shown on the screen.

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