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PABCO® Roofing Products Featuring Algae Defender®

PABCO Roofing Products with Algae Defender
PABCO Roofing Products with Algae Defender


If you live in a wet climate, the consequences of dampness, humidity, and algae can be devastating for the appearance of your roof. PABCO® shingles with Algae Defender® offer protection from algae, preventing those nasty black streaks from forming on your roof. Test data has shown that with proper roof maintenance, Algae Defender is also effective in mitigating moss and lichen growth.

Our Algae Defender technology uses a precise, even distribution of copper granules on each shingle that is backed by years of data demonstrating superior performance. In coastal areas and other humid climates, Algae Defender provides another layer of protection, so you can worry less and enjoy your algae-free roof more.

Defend Your Roof

Defend your roof against unsightly black streaks caused by algae. Choose PABCO® Roofing asphalt shingle products featuring Algae Defender®. See Brochure

PABCO® Products available with Algae Defender:

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