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Mt. Baker Roofing installs the highest quality roofing products. Check out the links below to explore the products that Mt. Baker Roofing keeps in stock and installs. Learn more about these companies and their products.

Roofing Products:


crystal_light_skylightCrystaLite, Inc.

CrystaLite fabricates over 3,000 different skylite variations in standard sizes alone, and provides a limitless assortment of styles, frame finishes and lens colors. Click here to visit Crystalite’s website.

IKOIKO – Asphalt Roofing Products

IKO is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of asphalt and bituminous waterproofing products. The company’s branded materials are specified for housebuilding, commercial property and engineering structures in many countries worldwide. Click here to visit IKO’s website.