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IKO Designer Shingles

IKO Designer Shingles
IKO Designer Shingles

Engineered for enduring performance. The three premium laminated asphalt shingles in this collection all offer you and yours beautiful protection and outstanding shelter against the elements. Enjoy the peace of mind and admiring looks that a new roof of IKO ArmourshakeTM, Crowne SlateTM or Royal EstateTM can deliver.

To stand out or blend in? Beautiful options for any home.

Upscale finishes inside your home can completely transform the look, potentially add resale value and make a personal statement. So can choosing the right color blend and profile from among the many that IKO has to offer.

IKO Designer Home Showcase Gallery

See how IKO Designer shingles look on actual upscale homes like yours. No matter what your home’s architectural style, you’ll find the perfect color blend and shingle profile to reflect your sense of style — all while protecting your family against the elements. Choose from IKO’s Designer line of shingles: Armourshake, Crowne Slate or Royal Estate.

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